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Garrett AT Pro – Top Rated Metal Detector 2014


Top Metal Detector 2014 – Garrett AT Pro

Hot Ten Reviews has done extensive research, looking for the best metal detector in the market (see our Top 10 Metal Detector Reviews) – we’ve found it. The Garrett AT Pro; simply put, we love this metal detector. Before we begin, let us give you 30-seconds of background on Mr. Charles Garrett and his family of metal detectors. This will explain why these detection instruments are the market leader.

Garrett Metal Detectors

garrett body scannerBefore retiring from the military, Charles Garrett was a well-respected US Navy electrical engineer. During his time in the Service, Garrett designed very sophisticated equipment, primarily for security purposes. Upon retirement, and due to the link to government, Mr. Garrett parlayed his special engineering design gift and formed Garrett Metal Detectors. His company has three divisions: Security, Countermine and Hobby.

Security. If you have ever crossed through security at an airport the chances are good that the metal detector you walked through was designed by Garrett. These machines are installed at hundreds of locations globally and have undoubtedly stopped many bad things from happening. The hand wand airport security uses is also a Garrett product – they are the market leader in airport security products.

Countermine. Garrett’s equipment is used by militaries around the world to detect “in ground mines.” Essentially a highly sophisticated metal detector, the Garrett equipment has saved thousands of lives over time – they are the market leader in countermine products.

Hobby. This brings us to the reason you are here: the Garrett family of metal detectors. With all of the technology developed to detect metal to stop bad guys at airports and detect metal in deeply buried in-ground mines before it’s too late, it should come as no surprise that Garrett excels, in our opinion, more than any other, at metal detecting equipment for the hobbyist. Our top choice from the Garrett family is the Garrett AT Pro.



#1 Hot Ten Reviews Recommends the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

The Garrett AT Pro control panel contains 13 very important features, many of which alert you automatically in the “set and forget” Standard mode. In the Advanced Pro Mode several features require you to set and then regularly monitor the information, but this mode gives you better control of your search if you are fully trained on the device. All features feed into the AT Pro’s Target ID Technology which, when used properly, will send you on very few “wild-goose chases.”

Target ID technology

Iron Discrimination – Ferrous metal (iron) is generally not what the treasure hunter looks for when out in the field. Through the Garrett AT Pro Target ID technology, the device will alert you to the type of metal detected – ferrous (iron) or non-ferrous (gold, silver, bronze, etc).

Coin Depth Detection – The AT Pro will also indicate the depth of a coin-sized target.

Sensitivity – the Garrett Metal Detector is a precision instrument. If the sensitivity is set is too high however, it will alert you too frequently – causing unneeded digging; if set too low, it won’t alert you enough – passing over valuable in-ground assets. Striking the right balance will come with just a little practice.

Audio/Visual Alert – Alert you either on the panel, via an audio tone or both.

Mode – sometimes you just want it to think for you. The standard mode is the “easy search” setting, particularly for beginners. As you gain experience with your device, then you can switch to Advanced PRO mode which will allow your search to be more discriminating.

Standard mode

There are three settings under the standard mode: Zero, Coins, Custom

1)      Zero – detects everything, ferrous, non-ferrous, big and small – if it’s metal, the device will alert you.

2)      Coin – detects small objects about the size of a coin or jewelry. This mode hunts for non-ferrous metal.

3)      Custom – Perhaps you want a little more control, but are not ready for the Advanced PRO mode yet. This option allows you to set, and lock in, a specific setting that can be retrieved at the push of a button – this is great if you regularly hunt for similar objects under similar conditions.

Advanced PRO mode

While the standard detection mode gives most users what they are looking for, the Pro mode gives the experienced user more control. Features include:

1)      Proportional audio – the stronger the signal, the louder the alert.

2)      Tone roll audio – different types and/or sizes of metal have different tones.

3)      Notch discrimination – 12 different “notches” allows for “non-iron” trash metal (bottle tops, foil, etc.) to be systematically eliminated from the alert, improving the return on your effort.  The opposite is also true – notch discrimination allows for a specific type of object only, such as a missing earring, to be identified (simply take the other earring and scan it using ELIM mode, then lock it). This is particularly useful after weekend barbecue!

4)      Iron Discrimination – 40 points of measure, this allows the detector to detect metal objects with no, some, or a lot of iron content (or one of many points in between).

5)      Ground balance – adjusts for certain minerals in the earth that might provide a false reading.

6)      Frequency adjustment – adjusts for interference from electromagnetic fields such as power lines, etc.

7)      Pinpoint – press and hold the pinpoint pushbutton to determine the exact location (and depth) of the target when compared to the center of the search-coil.

Double D Search Coil

You can have the best features in the world, but they are useless unless the search coil performs. This is where the Garrett AT Pro excels – The Garrett device uses a 10.9 x 8.6 inch “Double-D” search coil – considered by many to be the most accurate search coil for the hobbyist. It is also waterproof for searching beaches, streams and lakes.

Using the Garrett AT Pro to Search Under Water

As implied above, The Garrett AT Pro metal detector is fully submersible, but the challenge is that you will not be able to see the panel or heard the alert if the device is immersed in water. If you are planning on searching lakes, streams, beaches, etc, you will need waterproof headphones – then you can search where very few (if any) have searched before. These are sold separately.

The Garrett AT metal detector receives Hot Ten Reviews highest rating. To read more about the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector or to purchase the device click here.





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