How to Book The Cinderella Suite

How to Book The Cinderella Suite

The Cinderella Castle Suite – Inside Disney’s Cinderella Castle

outside cinderella castleIf you want to stay in the most exclusive hotel suite on the planet, set your sites on the Cinderella Suite inside Disney’s Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The Cinderella Castle Suite is the only hotel room inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and it is one heck of a place to stay!

Designed for Walt Disney himself, this suite takes you back to medieval Europe. Trappings of Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses adorn the castle suite. You truly will be treated like royalty if you are one of the luck few who are chosen to stay.

The suite contains three rooms: the Royal Parlor, Main Bedroom and Royal Bathroom

cinderella suite - bedroomCinderella Suite – Main Bedroom

cinderella suite - bedroom pictureThis amazing residence sleeps six people, four on its two queen-sized beds and two more on the pull out couch located in the parlor. Each bed is canopied with the signature Cinderella “C” crest, the same one on the wishing well outside of Cinderella Castle. The room is decorated with antique furnishings and reproductions from 17th and 18th century Europe. The 600 pound limestone fireplace anchors the bedroom with a faux fire burning behind a translucent screen. There is also a magic mirror above this wonderful centerpiece that transforms into a picture of Cinderella or a flat screen television depending on what the guest prefers.

Cinderella Suite – Royal Parlor

cinderella suite - parlorThe Parlor in the Cinderella suite is a terrific place to listen to classical music, entertain guests or just chill out. The suite sports 16 stained glass windows and an amazing view of Magic Kingdom from four floors up. The parlor has stone floors, walls and stone columns (decked out with stone “mice”) dark hardwood paneling, a 17th century Dutch desk, and 2 antique “slipper chairs.”


Cinderella Suite – Royal Bathroom

cinderella-castle-bathroom 3The main bathroom has three terrific elements: a toilet designed as a throne (including a royal canopy); a jacuzzi bath with stars from above, and royal lighting, complete with lighting fixtures designed as upside down crowns.

But beware, no matter how much money you have, you can’t book the Cinderella Suite, you need to have the Cinderella Suite bestowed upon you by the folks at Disney. Every day a different guest staying at one of the hotels on the Disney property is chosen at random by a computer to stay in the Cinderella suite.

If you’re one of the luck few, then you will have the stay of a lifetime at Walt Disney World, if not well, you’ll still have the stay of a lifetime.


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